Is it legal for me to trap a wild New Haven animal?

The truth is it will depend mostly on where you live, some species like Connecticut bats cannot be trapped at all because they are protected but other species, like raccoons, it will depend on the sub species of raccoon and what state you're in. The best thing you can do is to call your local animal control and asked them what the regulations are. Some species are considered pests, like rats and mice, and as there is limited chance of catching either rats or mice alive no one in authority is really going to care one way or the other.

There is a sad truth about trapping and relocation and that is that it rarely ends well for the captured New Haven animals, especially if it is a mother and her babies, wildlife authorities believe that most of the time none of these animals will be alive one week after they are relocated. The reasons for this are mainly because they do not know the area they are released in and they also do not know what predators reside in that area and the usual way they find out a predator is there is when it attacks.

There is a common thing that tends to happen when amateurs trap Connecticut wildlife on their property, they tend to trap females who have babies, but rarely do they even know this so the babies are generally left as orphans with their mother transported many miles away and usually left to die, which is also the fate of the babies if they are very young, if they are a bit older eventually when mom has not returned they are forced out of the nest by hunger and thirst and wind up at the mercy of anything and everything that would look at them and think, lunch. If however the babies are in a place like an attic they will generally starve to death in the attic and proceed to extract the family revenge on the homeowner by stinking the house out for weeks.

According to services like wildlife rescue most New Haven animals that are trapped injure themselves in the trap, they break teeth and claws and even bones trying to escape. You should only use a licensed trapper, or at least have a permit yourself from a local authority to capture the pest animal, I have read in a few places that after capturing the animal they say to take it to your local wildlife control but I can assure you that if you do the animal will be euthanized, wildlife control never release wild animals that are brought to them in traps.

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