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New Haven Wildlife Education: How To Get Rats Out Of Your Car

You may consider having rats in your car to just be a hassle, but in reality it can be much worse than this. If they manage to stay there for more than a little bit of time, they can cause some serious damage. Rats will rip up the air filters and other items, potentially chew through electrical wires, and leave droppings everywhere. If they die inside your car, you will also have to deal with finding and removing the carcass and getting rid of the smell. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help get rid of rats in your car before they do too much damage.

Set Up Traps
As with any animal, rats need to eat and drink at some point. This means that they will eventually leave your car for a snack before returning. Take advantage of their time away from the car by setting up traps around it. If you plan on using lethal traps, always go for snap traps. These are the most humane option as they will kill the rodent instantly. Glue traps may be cheaper, but they simply trap the rat, leaving it to starve to death, a slow and traumatic process.

Don’t Count On Repellents
Some people suggest you use various repellents to get rats out of your car. You will find suggestions for things like predator urine (such as from your pet dog or cat), store-bought rat repellents, ammonia, and natural remedies like cayenne peppers. The idea is that the smell will either annoy the rat and send it packing or scare it away, such as the in case of predator urine. Unfortunately, these methods aren’t typically successful. You can try them if you have something lying around your home, but be careful when using ammonia, mothballs, or other chemicals.

Hire A Professional
If you tried trapping the rats and didn’t catch all of them, then consider having a professional help you. Hire an expert with experience getting rats in particular out of cars and other hard-to-reach areas. They will work with you to set up traps in better locations and offer other suggestions.

Prevent New Rats
After the rats are gone, don’t forget to take precautions to stop new ones from coming. Try to park your car in areas that are unattractive to rodents, such as brightly lit areas without a lot of garbage nearby. Keep your car clean and make sure there aren’t potential food sources in it or nearby, such as pet food. Some people have also found that keeping the hood open deters rodents since they prefer dark, closed-in areas.

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