How to get New Haven opossums out from under a shed or porch?

Opossums are always in search of foods and they eat a variety of foods. They dig through the garbage bins and compost piles to find food. Opossums are usually nocturnal and can make a cave during the day under your house or in a barn or shed. They are a large nuisance animal and the must be out of your shed or porch. How to get Connecticut opossums out from your shed or porch?

Get rid of possible sources of food:
Make sure that all trash cans can have airtight lids. If there are some fruit trees in your garden, be sure to pick up the fallen fruits and dispose of them. Set chicken wire or another type of fencing around your compost heap. Bring your bird feeders indoors at night, if possible.

You can remove all possible shelters.
Remove and get rid of piles of brush around your yard. If you have lots of wood, keep them in a shed or other tight shelter. Keep closed loggers, garages, sheds and any other structures you may have.

Pour the ammonia into a coffee can:
Put an old rag in the can. The rag will work like a wick and disperse the ammonia vapors. Place as many cans around as necessary, anywhere that could be a potential refuge for New Haven opossums.

Close access to certain areas:
If a Connecticut opossum is living under your shed or porch, wait until the animal evicts the area. Usually, they come during the night. Once the animal has gone, close its entrance with wire mesh. Bury the cable at least 6 inches in the ground. Take preventive measures by doing this to other areas that the animal may also inhabit.

Put live traps into operation if other methods do not work:
You can also keep live traps under your shed or porch. Peanut butter spread on a piece of bread will attract New Haven opossums. Any old fruit or vegetables will attract opossums.

Call animal control:
The most efficient and guaranteed way to get rid of Connecticut opossums is catching them. You can take help from the animal control services. If you have tried all the above ideas and somehow they didn’t work, you should report to animal control. They are professional in this job and they know how to get this job done in a proper way. Animal control officers will inspect the facilities to ensure that all opossums are safely disposed of.

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