What equipment is needed to trap a New Haven rodent?

There is a vast array of traps designed to catch everything from a Connecticut mouse to a beaver, but most traps can buy today are actually designed to kill the animal instantly because it is now considered by most people in the business and in this field that capturing an animal and then relocating it in most cases is much more cruel than just killing it on the spot. They believe this because studies have shown that 99% of relocated animals do not survive their first week in the new location, they are easy targets for predators because they don't know where the hiding places are and they also do not know where the food sources and the freshwater is located, on top of that they may have to contend with the territory owner not being impressed with the new arrival.

I find it ironic that it's a lot of New Haven animal control organizations say that you should trap the animal alive and then take it to them for them to then take care of it, what they don't tell you is that their idea of taking care of it is to euthanize it as that is deemed the most humane thing to do with it. A lot of people express disbelief when they find out about this that rapidly turns to anger, because in most cases the reason they went to all the trouble of trapping the animal was so that it wouldn't be harmed and then they find out that the animal they spent all that time and effort keeping alive was promptly killed as soon as it was handed over to the authorities. Nearly all of these people said that if they knew this was going to be the end result they wouldn't have bothered trapping the animal in the first place, they would have just learned to live with it.

If the Connecticut animals that you are having to deal with are either a real pest or a serious danger then you have no other option but to kill them. This is especially the case with wild rats and mice, these animals spread disease, leave their droppings all over the place including in your food, they urinate everywhere because they used these as markers to tell him where to go and as highway signs the other mice, and also with mice and rats there are virtually no traps available which will only capture them alive that actually work. The old-fashioned snap trap which kills them very quickly is still the best option to eradicating this potential danger to the health of every other living creature in the house.

For bigger New Haven rodents, like raccoons, you can use cage traps to capture them but if you don't want them harmed about all you can do with them is while they are in the cage you could try scaring them very badly and then releasing them on the edge of your property and if you scared them bad enough hopefully they won't come back.

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